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“Differences” is a two track collaborative effort from Chicago artists Ash Wednesday and Saint Icky, who is the founder of Bad Luck Records.


In the title track “Differences” Ash and Icky match energies agreeing the best path forward when differences arise is to split it up. The second track “Yeah I Need It (Please)” gives a nod to the project’s producer Please. Lyrically free form Icky and Ash talk about where they’re at and what they need (always polite – please).


“Differences” and “Yeah I Need It (Please)” are both produced by Please who includes his signature elements of footwork and juke, which gives both tracks a true Chicago vibe. “Yeah I Need It (Please)” features weighty swooping synth sounds like those popularized by New York artist Pop Smoke.


"Yeah I Need It (Please)" was playlisted by music journalist Jack Reidy in April 2021 on his TickTickBump playlist for best new hip-hop from Chicago and beyond. Mixed, mastered, and edited for radio by Sir Devin Hudson for Classick Studios.


Released on Easter Sunday 2021 in loving memory of Margery Watts.

"Solutions" is the first collaboration between rapper Ash Wednesday and Chicago producer Please which showed the artists they have the chemistry to make interesting and club worthy music. On this release Please encouraged Ash to sing more and so in “Solutions” we see a softer more melodic Ash Wednesday.


Written after a breakup Ash evaluates her mindset and commitment to resolving issues rather than fighting – “it’s my only resolution; y’all gone fight with with no solutions; I am all about solutions – I am all about solutions.” Please laces in footwork elements keeping the track upbeat and playable at dance venues like SmartBar if you push the BPM just a few notches.

"Getting Dramatic" is the second effort from rapper Ash Wednesday and Chicago producer Please. Upbeat with a heavy footwork influence this track is danceable and speaks to all types of audiences. Ash Wednesday asks the question many of us ask ourselves every day “Why are you getting dramatic with me?”


The most popular Ash Wednesday track “Getting Dramatic” has garnered over 7,000 plays on Audiomack alone. Arranged, mixed, and mastered by Sir Devin Hudson for Classick Studios.

The message on Chicago rapper Ash Wednesday’s 2019 project "NoJulz" is simple — white people need to do better. As a white woman operating in a Black art form, Ash recognizes that “there are rules to rap and hip hop culture” and “there are things you’re not supposed to do as a white person.”

The title of her new EP, NoJulz, is an attempt to check social media influencer and talent manager YesJulz, who has made several headlines for her problematic behavior and lack of social awareness.

Ash Wednesday's debut project "Turn the World to Ash" was released in 2017 and features some of Chicago's favorite emcees Shadow Master MC, ShowYouSuck, and MFnMelo. The beats are intricate and vibrant produced in house by Ash Wednesday. This album features stories from Ash's introduction to the scene. Start by playing "Get Em" with Shadow Master MC where he tells the story of how Ash got her name.

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