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Ash Wednesday & Saint Icky 

produced by Please

“Differences” is a two track collaborative effort from Chicago artists Ash Wednesday and Saint Icky, who is the founder of Bad Luck Records.


In the title track “Differences” Ash and Icky match energies agreeing the best path forward when differences arise is to split it up. The second track “Yeah I Need It (Please)” gives a nod to the project’s producer Please. Lyrically free form Icky and Ash talk about where they’re at and what they need (always polite – please).


“Differences” and “Yeah I Need It (Please)” are both produced by Please who includes his signature elements of footwork and juke, which gives both tracks a true Chicago vibe. “Yeah I Need It (Please)” features weighty swooping synth sounds like those popularized by New York artist Pop Smoke.


"Yeah I Need It (Please)" was playlisted by music journalist Jack Reidy in April 2021 on his TickTickBump playlist for best new hip-hop from Chicago and beyond. Mixed, mastered, and edited for radio by Sir Devin Hudson for Classick Studios.


Released on Easter Sunday 2021 in loving memory of Margery Watts.

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